Meet Kailey York

Ever wonder how York & Hopp CPAs got started? It was originally Kailey’s idea, and thank goodness she was crazy enough to dream it up! Kailey graduated from Drury University in 2008 with a degree in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Learn a little more about her below:

Favorite part of your job: Hearing the appreciation from a client I have helped.

One piece of accounting advice: Ensure your CPA is someone you can trust. Just like any other advisor relationship, you need to be sure you have the same goals and means of arriving at those goals as your CPA.

Why did you go into accounting: I have the crazy accounting gene, I guess you’d say. I love organization and as nerdy as it sounds I love the structure of accounting.

Middle name: Ann

Hometown: Springfield, MO

Family members: Michael York, husband, and Braelyn York, daughter

Hobby: Spending time with my family, crafts, playing and watching sports

Favorite Springfield lunch spot: If it were up to my husband, McAlister’s but I’d have to say Pizza House!

Community service/involvement: President of Commercial Club of Springfield, board member of the Urban Districts Alliance, member of the audit committee for Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland, Inc., and parent volunteer for Parent’s Voice at Braelyn’s school, Discovery Garden Montessori School

If you could go on a dream vacation the day after busy season, where would it be: Anywhere but the office!

Least favorite chore: Weed-eating. Actually I’m not allowed to weed-eat at my house anymore because I’m terrible at it and the huge scar on my shin is proof of that.

Secret talent: I’m a pro at botching sayings and lyrics. It’s quite comical.

What music are you listening to right now: Coffee House station on Pandora

Favorite sport to watch: Volleyball

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite smell: Holiday candles

One thing you’re most proud of: I have 2 – my marriage and my daughter, Braelyn

One word to describe yourself: It may be a surprise for some, but not for the ones close around me – ditsy.

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